Welcome to the
Carolina Migrant Network

Carolina Migrant Network’s (CMN) core mission is to build and sustain services for people targeted by the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration (DHS). We provide compassionate and competent pro-bono legal representation. We organize with communities to disrupt the deportation pipeline/ system. We envision a world of empowered, self-determined, organized communities, free from the fear of deportation and family separation.

Our Story

CMN was co-founded by Stefania Arteaga and Becca O’Neill. Stefania and Becca met in 2017 doing legal advocacy work in the non-profit sector in Charlotte. Although NC has an established (and growing) migrant and immigrant population, low cost and free immigration legal services available to these communities is limited in scope.

There are currently no nonprofits in NC that offer low cost or free immigration legal services for individuals detained by ICE. 

What We Do

CMN trains a growing network of volunteer attorneys, support staff, and advocates to provide free legal representation in immigration bond proceedings to individuals detained by ICE – an agency that has a disproportionate impact on North Carolina. CMN is based in Charlotte but is able to offer representation at no cost for eligible individuals in all parts of North Carolina.

How Our Project Works

Getting Referral

Carolina Migrant Network accepts referrals via our website, social media, and immigration attorneys.


Once a referral is received, the case will be screened for acceptance within 48 hours of contact.

Legal Representation

If the case is accepted, then the case is placed with a volunteer attorney who either has experience representing individuals in immigration bond proceedings or will be supervised by an attorney with such experience. Legal representation is provided at no expense.

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