Carolina Migrant Network took on its first client in October 2019 after ICE violently smashed their car window, drug them out of the vehicle, and arrested them without providing a warrant. This is but one of a number of cases in which this exact tactic was utilized, and it represents a larger practice that favors arrest and detention over adherence to the very laws our nation is supposed to protect.

CMN is dedicated to fighting against these illegal and systematic practices that deny people their basic rights and place many into custody who never would have ended up in our unjust detention system.

To this end, CMN is holding a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training on Suppression Hearings – a powerful and underutilized tool that seeks to invalidate cases in which clients’ rights have been violated. This CLE training, titled “Secure In Their Persons: Suppression Hearings Before EOIR & Best Practices” will take place online on Wednesday, June 23rd from 12:00-3:00 PM EST.


The training on suppression hearings will be led by leading national expert Rex Chen, the Director of Immigration at Legal Services NYC, followed by a training on trauma-informed practices by Nicole Daniels of Justice Matters NC to increase the awareness of attorneys who engage in this high-impact work.

More details on credits and ticket pricing can be found on Eventbrite. All proceeds will go towards our client assistance fund, which (among other things) funds: expert witnesses for hearings, client travel to and from court and/or detention centers, and direct cash assistance to clients impacted by COVID-19.